Baby Blue is the first trio unit group that features R&B and Hip hop genre formed from MNL48 members from Philippines.
This sub unit are composed with Jan, Amy and Coleen.
With their own uniqueness, versatility and cuteness from Asia, they are finding their spot in the music industry trough their songs.

Baby Blue will back you up…




AMY tiktok instagram facebook

Born December 18, 2002, form Manila, Philippines.

Hobbies / Dancing, watching netflix, playing Rubik's Cube, annoying my friends,family and pets. eating, space out, play instruments or mobile games.


COLEEN tiktok instagram facebook

Born November 26, 2002, from Manila, Philippines.

Hobbies / Special Skills: I like playing the ukelele, I love watching vlogs, and I'm pretty good at impersonating different characters.
She hasn't gotten rid of her habit of biting her thumb since she was a baby. She loves purple.


JAN tiktok instagram facebook

Born January 5, 2001, from Manila, Philippines.

Her hobbies / special skills: Composing and drawing is my hobby and I want to hold a solo exhibition someday.
I really love painting, drawing, designing. I also love listening to Japanese Music, learning new choreographies and I am doing Yoga now.
I like skirts better than pants. I love suspense and horror movies too.